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  • What is Blütezeit?

    Blütezeit Clubs GmbH is a service platform for cannabis cultivation associations and Cannabis Clubs. Blütezeit offers everything from mediation of cultivation space, a cannabis community, compliance, insurances, mediation of dispensaries to accessories so that the club can focus on the most important thing: its members! We connect quality, community, and responsible consumption.

  • What is a cultivation association or a Cannabis Club?

    A Cannabis Club refers to a private association in which the cultivation and distribution of cannabis are managed collectively among its members. These clubs are founded to facilitate personal consumption of cannabis in a controlled, non-commercial manner. The idea is that the members of the club grow a certain amount of cannabis together, which is then distributed according to their needs among the members. These clubs provide a way to bypass the illegal market and ensure quality and safety in cannabis consumption.

  • How can I become a member of a Cannabis Club?

    Interested parties can apply via our website and be placed on a list. We carefully check each application to ensure a committed and like-minded community. We then suggest the verified applicants to individual clubs connected to our platform, based on the region. Once there is an acceptance, future members can finally decide on the quantity they want to take.

  • What are the benefits of membership?

    Members enjoy exclusive access to the premium cannabis products of individual Cannabis Clubs, invitations to special events, and the opportunity to be part of a vibrant community that shares values such as quality, culture, and responsible enjoyment.

  • Is there an age restriction for membership?

    Yes, membership at one of the Cannabis Clubs is reserved for persons over 18 years old. We verify the age of all applicants to ensure compliance with legal regulations.

  • How can the Cannabis Club ensure the quality of the cannabis?

    The Cannabis Clubs connected to Blütezeit work closely with German Cannabis Standard to ensure the highest quality. Cultivation takes place in Germany under strict regulatory conditions, which guarantees consistently high quality and safety. Additionally, members who are also interested in cultivation are trained by Blütezeit in partnership with Humboldt University for cultivation.

  • How can each Cannabis Club guarantee the price?

    Through innovative cultivation methods and efficient scaling, the Cannabis Clubs connected to Blütezeit can offer high-quality cannabis at affordable prices for their members.

  • Where do the Cannabis Clubs connected to Blütezeit produce the cannabis?

    The Cannabis Clubs produce the cannabis in collaboration with German Cannabis Standard in Germany. Our cultivation takes place in environmentally friendly and sustainable facilities that ensure high quality and safety of the product.

  • What role does German regulation play at Blütezeit?

    German regulation plays a crucial role. It ensures that all products meet the highest standards and are legally cultivated and distributed within Germany. The Cannabis Clubs connected to Blütezeit strictly adhere to these guidelines to ensure the quality and legality of the offer.

  • Can I change or cancel my membership at the Cannabis Clubs connected to Blütezeit at any time?

    We understand that needs can change, and we want to offer members the greatest possible flexibility. Members have the flexibility to cancel their membership monthly after the first three months (legally mandated) or change their cannabis dispensing amount every three months.

  • How many members are allowed per club?

    Each Cannabis Club connected to Blütezeit has a member limit of 500 people. This limit ensures that legal requirements are met while simultaneously offering each member an exclusive and personal experience.

  • Why do I have to go through the KYC process?

    The KYC process (Know Your Customer) is an important step to ensure the security and legality of our service. This process helps us verify the identity of our members and ensure that we are in compliance with legal regulations.

  • From when can I pick up the cannabis at my local dispensary of my club?

    The availability of cannabis in the Cannabis Clubs connected to Blütezeit depends on the final legalization in the individual federal states. The clubs strive to provide access to members as soon as possible and will communicate this through numerous Blütezeit channels such as email, WhatsApp, and the Blütezeit Community at MEMBER.

  • When can I expect the first delivery or monthly order?

    According to law, the Cannabis Clubs connected to Blütezeit are only allowed to start cultivation from July 1, 2024. Therefore, it is expected that distribution to members through a dispensary will only begin in the fourth quarter of 2024. Delivery is not provided for by law, therefore members must pick up the cannabis at their regional dispensary in person.

  • Can I confirm my membership without WhatsApp?

    Don’t worry, confirmation via WhatsApp is not necessary. Your registration via email is entirely sufficient.

  • How long does it take to find out if I am accepted as a member?

    We are working to convert all registrations into actual memberships before the official start in July and accordingly forward each member to a Cannabis Club.

  • Can I be a member of another club at the same time?

    No, you can only be an active member in one club, but you can put yourself on several waiting lists. Only after July 1, 2024, when clubs in Germany can legally start their activities, you will need to make your decision.

  • From when can the first legal buds from your Cannabis Clubs or cultivation associations be purchased?

    After the cultivation, which is allowed from July 1, we expect the first clubs to start distributing cannabis to their members from the fourth quarter of 2024. However, there may be delays since the approval of a Cannabis Club can take a different amount of time in each federal state, which can lead to further delays.

  • How is the distribution of the buds done?

    Currently, only pickup at the Cannabis Club is planned. The exact location of the dispensary for each Cannabis Club will be communicated to the members from July 1, 2024.

  • Are CBD buds also sold?

    The Cannabis Clubs connected to Blütezeit focus on distributing THC buds to their club members.

  • How can I get your merchandise and accessories, such as bags, T-shirts, caps, hoodies, vapers?

    Our merchandise and other items will soon be available in our online store.

  • When and how often are updates communicated?

    We do our best to always provide you with the latest information quickly and directly. It’s best to sign up for our email and WhatsApp newsletters or be part of our Blütezeit Community on MEMBER. At MEMBER, you also have the opportunity to communicate directly with us, either through DMs or group chats.

  • When does the Cannabis Club Law come into effect?

    The law, which allows clubs or cultivation associations to actively grow cannabis and distribute it to their members, is expected to take effect on July 1, 2024.

  • Can only members purchase cannabis?

    Yes, cannabis is exclusively available to club members after legalization and the enactment of the club law starting in July 2024.

  • What strains of cannabis will be grown?

    The exact strains that the clubs will grow depend on the final legislation. We will inform club members as soon as these details are finalized.

  • How do you ensure the quality?

    The clubs connected to Blütezeit place great emphasis on quality and safety. The cultivation follows strict guidelines to ensure high-quality cannabis. Members interested in cultivation also receive training in partnership with Humboldt University to ensure a high standard over the long term.

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