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With the planned legalization of cannabis, a new era is dawning in Germanywe call it Blütezeit (flowering time). Be a part of it and join our community:

Register now at one of our numerous clubs across Germany and secure your cannabis at a unique launch price: 5€ per gram for the first 12 months.

How We Tick: The Blütezeit Mission

We want to be more than just a cannabis club: a movement. Shaped by a new mindset, we make cannabis a progressive, high-quality, and safe product.

To achieve this, we provide our community with flowers of uncompromising quality. At the same time, we promote positive, responsible consumption and social progress with a broad range of information.

Thus, we aim to make Blütezeit not just an important part of German cannabis culture – but to actively shape it. With an unparalleled network of innovative and renowned partners.

Flower to the people

We are committed to enriching the German cannabis market with products of excellent quality. To achieve this, an outstanding infrastructure has been developed, guaranteeing purity Made in Germany. Thus, our cannabis comes from a high-end plantation in Germany, where every step up to the final product adheres to the highest quality standards

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In this plantation, the plants thrive under the supervision of professional botanists and with the scientific know-how of one of Germany’s leading universities. This unparalleled expertise forms the basis of Blütezeit Cannabis – and enables unbeatable quality at good prices.

Become a member now

In order for us to welcome you soon to a Blütezeit Cannabis Club, it is important that you first register on our waiting list. Our goal is to assign a club to all interested parties in the future. Your city of residence, age, and membership interest are particularly important here.

Please make sure that you enter all information correctly, as we cannot reach you or accept you with incorrect personal data, even in the event of a successful allocation. Regarding your allocation, we also adhere to the principle of ‚First come, first serve!‚.

1. Enter your details

2. Choose your subscription

*Note: Our subscription models are not final yet and may change in terms of quantity and price depending on the future law and taxation. You can adjust your selection again at the time of final allocation.

  • Mini
    5g per month
    5€ per gram*
  • Small
    10g per month
    5€ per gram*
  • Medium
    25g per month
    5€ per gram*
  • Large
    50g per month
    5€ per gram*

3. Submit your application

I would like to regularly receive information about offers from Blütezeit regarding their Social Cannabis Club and cannabis products to the contact details I have provided via email/phone/SMS/WhatsApp. I can revoke this consent at any time, for example, by clicking on the unsubscribe link in each email/WhatsApp or by sending a corresponding message to the contact details provided in the imprint of this website. I can find further information on the use of my data in the privacy policy.

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